Patternlook Design Studio
Patternlook Design Studio is an exciting new pattern design studio based in The Netherlands. We create unique, innovative and trend driven seamless pattern designs for the fashion and lifestyle industry - selling exclusive, and non-exclusive surface patterns to leading fashion houses, retailers and manufacturers globally.
Pretty passionate about pretty patterns
Loekie Mulder is the founder, and head designer of Patternlook Design Studio. After a successful fashion design education at the Royal Academy of Art in The Netherlands she worked as designer for various Dutch fashion brands. Loekie’s work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes.
Better together
We love collaborating and seeing pattern & product come together in perfect harmony. If you already have your own specific design requirements in mind, you can work directly with us to develop a custom pattern, that is entirely exclusive to you. If you think we'd work well together, we'd love to hear from you.